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  About ZipperPack


Zipper Pack is entering new markets every month. Check our website frequently for an updated list.

Editorial Focus

Zipper Pack is full-color advertising in a glossy magazine format, consisting of only local merchants and services. American consumers have less and less free time. They can't bother wading through newspaper page after newspaper page looking for bargains. Zipper Pack gives them access to their local merchants and services, quickly, efficiently, and at a glance.

Graphic Focus

Each edition of Zipper Pack features beautiful, professionally designed advertisements cover to cover. Our ads draw the consumer in, make the sale, and spark the desired action. And they're made all the more effective by our distinctive, easy-to-use magazine format.

Our eye-catching format and ease of use makes Zipper Pack the most appealing advertising alternative in America. Research has proven that our issues have an average shelf life of seven weeks, making it ideal for building a customer base, re-energizing an old client base as well as brand building.

Delivery Focus

Each and every issue is hand-delivered in an elegant plastic bag and hung on the door knob. Our stand-out magazine format and our hand delivery mechanism give your message greater impact than that of a direct-mailer. And, we do it for pennies per household.

Zipper Pack is delivered to 5,000 homes in each market, in carefully researched and selected zip codes. The selections are based on household income and carrier routes, with preference to routes that primarily feature local merchants and services rather than national retailers.


85% of all Zipper Pack issues are read by at least two people in a household. A study showed that 47% of Zipper Pack readers either save the issue in their household or in their car. The others share the magazines with their spouses or significant others. Because it's a magazine, Zipper Pack is treated like one. Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly. That gives your message repeat exposure. And, thus, more time to generate responses.


Local Ads for Local People

The exceptional growth of Zipper Pack has taken the everyone by storm. With new areas being added weekly, the rest of the country is just steps away. Zero in on your best customers. Customers can be selected based on a mile radius around store locations, drive time, target markets, ZIP codes, county or other geographies.


Exceeds 1 million households annually.


Zipper Pack is hand-delivered to 5,000 homes around each market, in carefully researched and selected zip codes. The selections are based on household income and carrier routes, with preference to routes that primarily feature high rates of return.


Unlike newspapers or magazines, Zipper Pack has a delivery system you can count on. Each and every issue is hand delivered.

  Why ZipperPack?

Our slogan is 'Local Ads for Local People.' Zipper Pack has helped hundreds of thousands of local businesses attract customers with proven, effective ads. We help you get your best offers in the hands of your best customers.

With Zipper Pack you'll get:

  • localized marketing
  • more potential customers
  • and improved response rates.

Newspaper and Magazine readership is in decline. Regional and National choices are too broad and numerous to effectively and affordably target local audiences. However, everyone checks his or her mailbox daily.

What's more:

  • Zipper Pack is the only form of marketing that lets you choose who receives which offers and when they receive them.
  • Pinpoint the customers you want and make an offer specific to them.
  • Zipper Pack is a versatile tool that you can afford.

Here are some good reasons to use a coupon as a part of your marketing plan:

  1. Coupons are a great way to draw new residents to your business when they are still forming their shopping habits in their new hometown. Let them know who you are.
  2. Coupons often lure old customers back. Give them a deal they can't refuse and they'll leave your competitor behind.
  3. Coupons bring people into your store which can increase impulse purchases and incremental sales.
  4. Coupons are one of the most easily trackable form of promotion helping you to understand what's driving customers to your store.
  5. Coupons are a good opportunity to create an up-sale. Customers may be willing to purchase a more expensive product if they feel like they are getting a deal.
  6. A study published by Cornell University's Hotel and Restaurant Admin Quarterly found that customers who redeemed a restaurant coupon were almost 7.5 times more likely to come back than customers who did not use a coupon!
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